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4 Health Exams That Every Atherton M46 Escort Should Invest In

Health and hygiene comes with the territory of being an Atherton M46 escort. Since you're in an industry that would sometimes require you to be intimate with clients, it's very important to put your wellbeing first so you can protect yourself against many health hazards.

So, if you haven't seen your doctor yet, here are four health exams that you should be investing in as an escort Atherton M46:

Dental exam

Atherton M46 escorts are known for their winning smile, so it's only fitting to make sure that your pearly whites look as perfect as they should be.

As an Atherton M46 escort, you have to invest in your looks and getting a dental exam will not only help you maintain your amazing teeth but also your oral health.

Cholesterol And Diabetes Test

Your work as an Atherton M46 escort will sometimes call for odd working hours where you have to spend late nights or early mornings with a client.

As you grow older, the stress and exhaustion could take a toll on your body and make you prone to health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. This is why you need to have your cholesterol and blood sugar levels tested routinely.

Skin exam

Your skin is one of your biggest assets as one of the Atherton M46 escorts in town. Even the smallest pimple or tiniest blister can already affect your looks, so you need to maintain your skin's health by going to your dermatologist at least once a year.

You can get treatments that will help hydrate, exfoliate and moisturise your skin, and treat any skin conditions that could destroy your look.

Pap Smear And HPV Test

Since being intimate with clients is part of your job as an Atherton M46 escort, you have to pay attention on your health down below. A pap smear test will help diagnose cervical problems and detect cancer as early as possible.

The HPV test, on the other hand, helps determine the presence of human papillomavirus in your cervix so treatment can be done early.

If you want to be one of the most successful Atherton M46 escorts in the market, you have to begin by investing more for yourself. Take these exams routinely to ensure that you are healthy, no matter how demanding your job is.



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