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It's a Kissing Game: Tricks to Make Your Clients Long For More

Kissing is undoubtedly one of the best things in this world. But when you're an Audenshaw M34 escort, there is that added pressure to impress your client with your lips and hopefully, make him long for you more in the future. Here are some tricks that you might find handy:

Get your lips ready for action.

Case in point: no one likes kissing Audenshaw M34 escorts with dry, cracked lips. But there will be days when your lips may not be at its prime. It's like having a bad hair day but with your smackers.

To keep that from destroying your appointment, make sure that you always have a lip balm handy. Experts actually suggest for escorts Audenshaw M34 to apply lip balm daily because it keeps your lips moisturized and soft, making it perfect for kissing.

Build The Excitement.

Once you're already in the mood for kissing, don't jump into the climax right away, a mistake committed by a lot of Audenshaw M34 escorts. Instead, build up the excitement by starting with soft pecks that slowly go into tugs on your client's lower lip.

As things heat up even more, start sucking and licking his lips for a more passionate lip locking session.

Take it from the French.

All Audenshaw M34 escorts love some good, old French kissing. Once you're comfortable enough with your client, go all out with your tongue locking that will surely set you both in the mood for making love. Some escorts Audenshaw M34 also switch from deep kissing to kissing other parts of the body for a more exciting feeling.

Complete The Heat With Body Language.

Finally, as an Audenshaw M34 escort, you already know that body language can mean the difference between amazing and boring sex. As you passionately kiss your client, make sure that you touch him right away and let him take the lead at times. If your client is a bit shy, give him cues of what you want him to do and he'll be right in the zone in no time.



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