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The Five Most Common Fashion Mistakes Escorts Make

It's not every day that you get the chance to enjoy one of the most lucrative careers today. Being a Chadderton OL9 escort means living the life that a lot of women can only dream of - nice gifts, huge tips and fancy dinners - but it also involves a lot of hard work, especially in the fashion department. So, how can you look your best in every appointment? Start by avoiding these common fashion mistakes that a lot of Chadderton OL9 escort make:

Following Trends

As a Chadderton OL9 escort, you have to show up to each appointment looking your best. But following the latest trends isn't always beneficial, especially if they're not your style. The first - and most important - rule in fashion is to wear something that you're comfortable with. So, if you're not confident with neons or leather pants, stick to pieces that will make you feel more beautiful.

2. Wearing The Wrong Size

A lot of Chadderton OL9 escorts don't actually know their exact size. But if you're going to be fashionable, you have to know your body well to easily choose the right outfits that will fit your figure. Clothes that are either too loose or tight will make you look less appealing and they can also affect your self-esteem in dealing with clients.

3. Choosing the wrong undergarments

If you haven't known by now, every Chadderton OL9 escort should invest in the right undergarments. No matter how expensive your outfit is, any visible panty lines or bra straps showing can easily ruin your look and even turn off your clients. Make sure that you have several options for undergarments in terms of style, size and colour so you'll have something to wear for every dress, top or gown.

4. Revealing Too Much

Finally, being an escort Chadderton OL9 doesn't always have to mean showing a lot of skin. In fact, more clients appreciate Chadderton OL9 escorts who are dressed elegantly without being too revealing. There are a lot of ways to look sexy without giving it all out. And you can never go wrong with leaving some to the imagination to make your client more excited about your private time together.



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