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Top Escorts Reveal What Really Men Want During An Appointment

It's so easy to assume that when a man books a North West escort, he just wants to have sex. But as top North West escorts would reveal, it takes more than just some good, old bedroom action to satisfy a client during an appointment.

Men look beyond your boobs and butt.

Most North West escorts focus on showing as much of their assets in their photographs. But according to one top North West escort, only a few men tell her that they booked her because of her big boobs or tight butt. Most of her clients would choose her because she looked friendly and approachable in her photos or that she shared the same interests with him.

Men Look For More Than Just Sex.

Contrary to popular belief, not all men who book escorts North West do it just for sex. In fact, one top escort tells us that she's had clients that are 20 or 80 and they all book her for one common reason, their needs are not being met.

Aside from being deprived of sex, these men also miss the warmth of cuddling with someone or just having a woman listen to how their day went. So when you are with a client, make sure to pay attention to him because that could be the only thing he needs.

Men Look For Someone To Make Them Feel Like A Man Again.

When men enter a relationship or get married, they are expected to be in control. But as time goes by, some of these men feel less of themselves because their partners have started their own careers or that they're not being given as much attention because of the children.

According to one of our top escorts North West, a lot of men want to feel that they're in control again, even just for an hour. So, let him be. Your client actually wants to satisfy you more than you want to satisfy him. Relax and let him do the job. There are a lot of misconceptions about men who book North West escorts. But if you ask the experts, you'll understand your clients better.



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