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3 Sexy Lipstick Colours Every Escort Should Have in Her Purse

When it comes to being a successful Bramhall SK7 escort, it's all about paying attention to the small details that would set you apart from the competition. So, if you ever wondered why some Bramhall SK7 escorts in your area get booked more often, maybe you're just wearing the wrong lipstick. Here are three sexy lipstick colours that will not only get you easily noticed but also make you unforgettable to clients:

The sweet and dainty pink

While most Bramhall SK7 escorts would go for darker lip colours for that sultry vibe, wearing a pink lipstick like the YSL Rouge Pur in Pink Celebration shade will make you look sweet and sexy at the same time. Pink lips can also warm up your complexion for that innocent vibe that clients would rarely find in Bramhall SK7 escorts these days.

The sultry red

It is the sexiest lip colour of all time for a reason. The classic red lipstick is a favourite not only of escorts Bramhall SK7 but also of celebrities?think Marilyn Monroe?and even regular women because it can easily add that touch of sultriness to any look.

Even if you're wearing a simple black dress, your red lips will instantly elevate your style by making you look more classy and sophisticated. Try Charlotte Tilbury's "K.I.S.S.I.N.G" in Love Bite or the highly popular MAC Ruby Woo that's become a must-have for every Bramhall SK7 escort

The bold orange

They say that only bold Bramhall SK7 escorts will have the courage to wear orange. But if you have fair skin and you're up for an adventure, wearing an orange lipstick will definitely make you an instant eye-catcher. Orange is a wilder interpretation of the classic red and Albeit in Poppy would be your perfect choice for that ombre red-orange look.

When choosing a lipstick, think about your skin colour, but don't be afraid to experiment on your looks. Clients love a Bramhall SK7 escort who is bold enough to change up her style every now and then.  Invest in the right lipstick colours and you'll surely be more attractive to clients even before you know it.



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