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The Three Warning Signs To Look Out For During An Appointment

The life of a Newhey OL16 escort is both fun and hectic. But since you've always dreamed of being part of that elite circle of Newhey OL16 escorts, you're enjoying your career immensely, even the long working hours. However, stress and exhaustion aren't your only enemies as a Newhey OL16 escort because there are also a lot of risks involved in meeting up with a client. To make sure that you stay safe while doing your job, here are the three most common warning signs that you should look out for during an appointment.

An Unclear Address

Most Newhey OL16 escorts would not accept outcalls, especially for first-time clients. But if you ever agree to meet up with a client in his residence, make sure that the address is legitimate. Use Google Maps to see if his house or apartment is near the city and located where a lot of people also live. Never go somewhere that's too secluded.

Several parked cars

Unless your client told you that you'll be attending a party, you should only be spending time with him alone. So when you see several parked cars in his residence, it could be a sign that there are other people in the area.

If you're meeting up at a hotel, walk away the moment you see another person other than your client in the room. You don't want to escort Newhey OL16 to several men at one time unless you agree to it.

Rude Behaviour

While most clients who book Newhey OL16 escorts are professionals, you could still encounter a client who thinks that you're his slave. Remember that you are only getting paid for companionship. This means that the client has no right to let you do whatever he wants.

Anything that happens beyond companionship should be with your permission. If a client treats you wrong or forces you to do things that you don't offer, walk away. Safety is paramount to being a successful Newhey OL16 escort. Always lookout for these warning signs and be extra vigilant about your client's every move so you can act out before it's too late.



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